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Programmes aligned with your people and strategy to deliver high performance.

Our organisational development programmes are tailored to fit your needs. First we get an understanding of your business – the strategy, employees, current processes and practices – in order to devise the right solutions. The flexibility of our approach means that, whatever your specific development and training priorities are, we’ll support you to address them. So whether you need to run skills-based training workshops, define a performance management process or design a new behavioural framework, we can help.

Tackling your organisational challenges

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As workplaces continue to evolve at great pace, you need to continually adjust your people programmes and processes to fit. Below you’ll find just some of the organisational challenges we can help you with, as well as the delivery options and techniques we offer.

  • Devising behavioural and competency frameworks
  • Measuring behaviours and competencies
  • Defining and embedding performance management
  • Embedding cultural change
  • Developing key skills and behaviours
  • Identifying and developing high potential

We know just how important it is to instil the right culture and train and develop employees in the behaviours and competencies that are fundamental to delivering high performance.

Working with you to understand the biggest challenges your organisation and particular teams face, we can then create programmes that will address these in the most effective way.

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Different delivery options for different needs

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We’ll make recommendations about the best delivery methods, techniques or tools depending on the level of your leader populations. We can devise programmes for executives and senior leaders through to first line managers and emerging leaders.

Here are some of the delivery options and techniques we offer:

  • Framework design
  • Workshops
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Development centres
  • Support clinics
  • 180/360 degree feedback

While we specialise in devising tailored development programmes, we’ve also created some workshop content that is based on common topics and challenges with which our clients need support. These can be used ‘straight out of the box’ or we can adapt the content or the delivery method/s of the module to suit your requirements.

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