RBS 360 degree feedback testimonial

Roger Farley, Performance & Organisational Development Manager at RBS, explains how we devised a 360 feedback programme that supports the business strategy.

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What were you looking for from a 360 feedback supplier?

When we were looking for a supplier to help us deliver this 360 programme we spread the net quite wide, went to lots of different companies from the big consultancy houses to bespoke suppliers, but one of the things we were very clear about was we needed somebody to be able to provide something that was bespoke to RBS, not an off-the-shelf package. And we wanted to be able to partner with an organisation that had very strong organisational psychology team and great project management skills and that’s what we’ve found when working with ETS.

Who uses the 360 feedback tool?

When we first started 360 we had about 600 participants spread across all our businesses globally. As the 360 has developed and people have found it a useful tool, that’s grown and far more people now undertake it. In the last two years, the rough number of participants has been about 5,000, that means there are about 55,000 questionnaires being administered each year and that all goes very smoothly and there’s a lot of work that goes into making sure that happens.

How are 360 results being used at RBS?

The results of the 360 are used at, probably, three levels. Firstly, at an individual level and they are very good developmental inputs for every individual. The second level of uses of the results is at a business level, so each of our different businesses gets aggregate data on the results of the 360 and is able to use that in terms of leadership development planning and cultural planning. The third level is on an RBS Group level and one of the exciting things that it’s helped us focus on in the last 12 months is what’s the new leadership competency framework we need in order to deliver a really good bank in five or six years’ time? So the data from the 360’s actually helped us to think really hard about our leadership capabilities and what we need to develop for the future to develop for the future to deliver our strategy.

How pleased have you been with ETS?

We’ve been delighted to work in partnership with ETS, it’s been a very good journey for us. We’ve grown the 360, we’ve enhanced it every year and every year we’ve had fantastic value-add input from the team at ETS in terms of the enhancements we’ve wanted to make. And they’ve come up with a number suggestions we wouldn’t have thought about on our own, which have helped us make it a much better tool for our end users.

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