Gamesys employee survey case study

  • Company:
  • Solution: Created a programme featuring an online survey and flexible reporting tools
  • Result: Clear understanding of key engagement drivers and areas where action is needed
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Gamesys is a British online gaming company which owns and operates leading brands including Sun Bingo, Jackpotjoy and Virgin Games.

It was founded in 2002 and, with 1,000 employees and operations in seven countries, it has experienced fast growth.

This growth created a business need to introduce a regular employee survey inviting feedback from staff.


The aim was for Gamesys to better understand its employees in order to engage with and retain them. Staff turnover – particularly for technology staff – had been quite high, so this was one area they were keen to shed further light on.

Gamesys had previously only run one employee survey, in 2006, and now wanted to put employee feedback at the heart of their people strategy.

There were a couple of notable design and implementation challenges to overcome:

  • Speed of delivery; Gamesys needed the survey within four weeks
  • Employee confidentiality concerns to address.


A key consideration was that the survey linked to the broader business strategy at Gamesys. Doing this would mean that we’d measure the right things, report on the data in the most meaningful way and support action planning.

Questionnaire design

This process involved us devising an engagement index and questionnaire. The questionnaire was made up of a mixture of questions specific to Gamesys, mapping directly to their brand DNA (values), and questions that would be comparable to a benchmark of external companies, providing context on engagement levels.

Completing the survey

We developed an online survey portal for Gamesys employees, which reflected their corporate branding, language and look and feel throughout. This would be the primary medium used by its employees to take part. We also created a mobile version of the survey.

Reporting the results

Our system reporting tools offered Gamesys great flexibility to create fully-customisable reports for their executives, managers or other employee groups. They could also present a detailed breakdown of scores with comparisons between national or regional offices, business units or against internal historical results.


We identified the areas of strength that Gamesys should harness and those areas where action is needed in response to lower scores.

The working culture was found to be a particular strength, with questions relating to customer focus, respect, quality and standards, diversity and sociability scoring well. Other positive themes included employees’ pride in the business, feeling respected and diversity and inclusion.

Conversely, team processes, having access to training and career development, departments working together and clarity around strategy and goals were among those areas where improvement was needed.

Most encouragingly, Gamesys has seen overall engagement continue to improve year-on-year over the last few years.


  • Employees report now being much better informed about what’s happening in the business
  • New training and development initiatives have been really well received by employees
  • The 12 month rolling staff attrition rate has dropped, for two consecutive months, for the first time.