Debenhams employee survey testimonial

Nicola Debney, Head of Learning & Development at Debenhams, talks about why they chose us to create an engagement survey programme for their 22,000 employees.

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What were the business drivers for your employee survey?

We had a new CEO eighteen months ago and also at the time a number of the executive directors changed and we’d never done a full engagement survey before and our CEO wanted to know how people felt at Debenhams and primarily wanted, by knowing that, wanted to improve how people feel about working at Debenhams.

Who was involved in the survey at Debenhams?

We have 22,000 employees in the UK and it was purely UK-based. We have two and a half thousand Head Office employees on five sites and they were all included and the remainder are retail.

How have the employee survey results been used?

So in terms of how we’ve used the results, we’ve worked with every team across head office and we’ve also worked with every region in retail and worked with them to look at the results, understand – help them understand – what it means for them, what they might need to do differently and we’ve worked with them to help put together an action plan.

We’ve very much put the ownership in their court so it’s their data; it’s about them, and it’s about them deciding the things that they think they need to do differently. And then we’ve also left it for them to cascade that information down and certainly, when you’re walking around the offices now and I’m having meetings people are talking to me about the results; they’re talking to me about some of the things they’re doing.

How have you found working with ETS?

Working with the broader team at ETS I think the biggest thing is about flexibility. So we changed what we looking for, how we were going to do it on a number of occasions and sometimes my team were quite stressed about that but actually ETS were very calming and they sort of reassured us. And I think the other thing is, whenever we had a question, we always got a very prompt response from ETS with some ideas, normally from more than one person, so different options of things that that we could do, which worked really well for us.

What are the next steps with your employee engagement programme?

We’ve already had a number of meetings to review and evaluate, which have been really important and I think the next phase is to make some decisions on what we do with that, and certainly to date, that has felt very easy and very organised by ETS so I haven’t really had to think about it, it’s very much driven from the ETS end to make that smooth transition.

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