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Measure and improve your employees’ workplace experience.

Do you want to drive higher performance and attract and retain the best people by improving your employee experience (EX)? With employee engagement globally remaining largely static, to really ‘move the dial’ you may need to look beyond engagement. We can help you do this by measuring your employee experience more holistically, right across the employee lifecycle. This will give you a thorough understanding of the key components making up the EX. From here you’ll be guided on exactly where to act to address problem areas for your business in order to enhance performance individually and collectively.

The employee experience challenge

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We have seen first-hand with a large number of organisations a rise in engagement survey scores and generally ‘good’ levels of employee engagement but, at the same time, issues such as high staff turnover or poor performance. This is a jarring picture and hints at the fact your survey may not be showing you the full picture. To bring this to life, here are some specific challenges you may find with ‘engaged’ employees:

  • They become frustrated when their discretionary effort is scuppered by a lack of resources to do their job well (poor enablement)
  • They will not feel trusted when their voices fall on deaf ears, or if micro-management prevents them from making decisions (poor empowerment).

Both scenarios will ultimately erode engagement if left undiscovered or unresolved.

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Our employee experience solutions

You can broaden the focus of your employee survey by using our EX3 model. Grounded in academic research informed by our 30 years in the field of employee research, this ensures your survey looks across three key elements – enablement, empowerment and engagement. As part of this approach, we’ll help you to:

  • Measure your employee experience by devising three indices in your survey questionnaire
  • See clearly how your employees are feeling and where any frustrations or blockers lie
  • Look at what is statistically having the biggest impact on all three of these components
  • Direct your managers to recommended actions based on findings.

You should see these three elements as a tripod – they all need to be working well (and at good levels) to achieve successful outcomes. In this case, that means a great employee experience and sustainable high performance.

But measurement alone isn’t enough, you need to go beyond the numbers to identify key areas where action is needed. We will help you do this too, guiding you to implement a programme of follow-up geared to have the greatest impact on each area.

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