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HR Hacks: 24 of the best resources, tools and sites for HR people

We all love a good ‘life hack’ – something that makes our life easier, more productive or efficient. So, to help busy HR people at work, we’ve compiled a list of HR shortcuts (or hacks).

Our list features some of the most innovative tools, most insightful resources or best service providers in the following four categories:

  • Jobs and recruitment
  • Training, productivity and development
  • Employee engagement, employer branding and advocacy
  • Talent management and HR strategy.

In no particular order, here is our list of 23 HR hacks…

Jobs and recruitment

1. Clinch

Talent acquisition specialist that provides an online tool to attract quality candidates by capturing and communicating your firm’s employer brand. This can be used on your websites and on social channels.

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2. Qandidate

Free, comprehensive recruitment system for small and medium businesses. It enables management of all aspects of the hiring process in one online dashboard.

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3. Talentsquare

This is a free, user-friendly applicant tracking system that enables you to promote job vacancies anywhere and track applications in one hub.

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4. ClearFit

Online recruitment tool that helps you identify applicants with the right attributes, experience and attitude for your job vacancies. It also enables filtering of candidates who match a similar profile to your current high-performers.

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5. Seed

An inbound marketing platform for talent acquisition, which aims to revolutionise (and improve) the way that employers and job candidates find and communicate with one another.

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6. Workable

Ultra simple software that enables organisations to organise all recruitment activities in one place, offering significant time saving.

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7. Hello My Name Is…

Home of the MeVie – also known as a video CV. This video-based recruitment portal allows candidates to present themselves in a more engaging way, and makes shortlisting quicker and easier for recruiters.

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8. Better team

This app can help you scour the world for talent, super-fast. You can post your job vacancy on over 100 job boards in a couple of minutes and also screen candidates too.

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Training, productivity and development

9. Clockedin

Offers a cloud-based time and attendance solution enabling organisations to track data in real-time and see when and where employees and sub-contractors clock in and out.

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10. Hinted

Feedback tool that aids employee development and self-improvement by sourcing feedback from employees’ peers. Naturally the insights provided and action taken by the individual, also means benefit for employers too.

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11. Create Training

Production house that specialises in creating short (3-5 minute) animated training videos using a combination of educational lesson planning and a standard film production process.

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Employee engagement, employer branding and advocacy

 12. ThoughtFarmer

Provider of social intranet software that makes it easy to create a lively, engaging and useful hub for your employees.

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13. VoiceStorm

An employee advocacy platform that partners with your employees and turns them into powerful brand amplifiers. They offer an all-in-one system to help organisations to distribute, amplify and track brand content.

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14. Tapmyback

Simple and effective web or mobile application that helps organisations to boost employee recognition, motivation and engagement through real-time peer-to-peer feedback.

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15. Unspun London

Leading strategic change and engagement agency. They help businesses to improve performance by helping them to mobilise the support of employees after the launch of a new brand, culture or strategy.

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16. Peters-Fox

Specialist consultancy that covers employer branding, research and candidate attraction and helps firms to better engage and retain talent.

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17. Beekeeper

Provides mobile apps and web channels to help companies to reach and engage mobile and remotely-based workforces using targeted, personalised and measurable communications.

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Talent management and HR strategy

18. 3n Strategy

Specialist in talent and HR analytics and strategic workforce planning. They help organisations to embed a culture of improved, data-based decision-making.

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19. People Pad

An online talent and HR community for business leaders. The site features video tutorials, downloadable resources, tools and an active forum where you can exchange best practice advice with peers.

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20. HR Success Guide

Providers of a comprehensive guide to HR strategy and practices for businesses leaders and HR professionals.

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21. HR & Talent Management

Global group featuring a community of human capital management executives that exchanges HR and talent management research and best practices in the form of webinars and articles.

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22. LDRLB (Leader Lab)

This podcast shares insights and original research findings on leadership, innovation and strategy.

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23. People Quest

Aggregators of the latest HR news and trends covering talent acquisition, employee engagement, employer branding and leadership.

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24. The Management Hour

This Twitter feed is a great online resource for managers or business owner-managers to ask questions of a community of management experts.

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